Bergamot and rosemary madeleines

Bergamot is one of my favourite aromas. It is uplifting and zesty and keeps the winter blues at bay. Grown in southern Italy, season runs from November to January and I am discovering that it is the perfect winter citrus to add to sweet and savoury recipes.

The flavour of an actual bergamot makes its way towards the sourness of a grapefruit, but it is still very perfumed. The sweetness of these madeleines is cut with the perfumed sourness of the bergamot and the piney freshness of the rosemary. The perfume comes through and the flavour is subtle, but perfect. I used this recipe and substituted 2 tsp of orange water with 2 of freshly squeezed bergamot and added 1 tbsp finely chopped rosemary. I also swapped out the butter for 90ml olive oil.