Fennel and asparagus salad

I’ve been eating this salad on the regular lately. This isn’t a recipe, more of a description and a reminder to myself of what I’ve been enjoying now that the weather is so glorious. It’s simple. Three ingredients – fennel, asparagus and capers, massaged with a French vinaigrette. I’ve finely sliced the fennel using a mandolin to give just enough crunch without making it hard work. The fennel is showered with asparagus sliced on the diagonal and sprinkled with a scattering of capers. For two people, use one medium sized fennel bulb to a bunch of asparagus and a tablespoon of capers. As with all recipes, the ratios are dependent on your palate, but this works for me. Use this dressing – leave in the anchovies for a salty, umami hit, or out. I’ve been making big bowls and eating it with fish and then grazing on it the next day. If anything tastes like summer, it’s fennel and asparagus. Roll on sunshine!