Persimmon, feta, walnut and basil toasts

Persimmon, feta, basil and walnut toast

In the increasingly cold, dark-before-you-leave-work days leading up to winter solstice, a spark of colour is enough to remind me that everything is temporary and spring is mere months away.

Persimmon’s offer a hint of sunshine. They are delicate in flavour, orange in colour, jewel bright and juicy like a mango when ripe.

This recipe came together from what I could find in the fridge. It is the kind of thing I could eat for breakfast and that's what happened this weekend. It became a late morning Sunday brunch lit by a little candle, warding against the grey skies of a north west autumn day.

You could also lose the bread and turn it into a cheese course meets dessert. The saltiness of the feta is tempered by the mascarpone. You could also replace the mascarpone with ricotta to create a lighter texture. The perfume of the persimmon is supercharged with a drizzle of rose syrup and crunch provided by the walnuts and toasted bread.

Persimmon, feta, basil and walnut toast


Feta and mascarpone – mixed together in a 50:50 ratio

1 persimmon, chopped

Drizzle of rose syrup or honey

Sourdough bread, sliced and toasted

A small handful of walnuts

A scattering of finely chopped basil leaves

Simply mash the feta and mascarpone together to create a rustic mix. Spread lightly on the toasted sourdough and top a scattering of persimmon, walnut and basil leaves. Top with a drizzle of rose syrup or honey of your choice.