Rose, raspberry and cardamom lassi

Rose, raspberry and cardamom lassi

Rose is the perfect summer ingredient. From an Ayurvedic perspective, it is cooling, calming to the heart, enhances the digestive fire and is perfect for cooling and calming skin conditions. Its balancing effects have been welcomed in this summer’s heatwave.

Aside from it’s Ayurvedic benefits, it is one of my favourite ingredients to spike a drink or to include in a recipe. It adds a perfect floral note to prosecco, a tagine or this lassi recipe that takes minutes to make. Rose petals infused in hot water is one of my favourite afternoon cuppas.

I’ve used both rose water and rose syrup in this recipe for those floral notes and for sweetness.


· 1 cup Greek or yogurt of your choice (coconut would work well)

· 1 cup raspberries

· 1 tbsp rose water

· 2 tbsp rose syrup

· The crushed seeds of 2-3 cardamoms


Simply blend all of the ingredients together. I like it quite thick, but you can dilute it with coconut water to make a lighter drink and increase the cooling effects. Add some rose petals for decoration and additional flavour.